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The Pre-Primary School Program at Mount Litera Zee School, Bangalore comprises Nursery, Lower and Upper Kindergarten (LKG and UKG).

Early childhood education serves as the foundation for all future learning. These are the formative years of learning which play vital role in the life a child. The pre-primary curriculum is delivered through the ‘ILLUME’ approach based on the following premise:

 Every child is unique

 Every child has infinite potential

 Every child is born with an innate desire to learn

 Every child learns best through observation

 Every child learns and constructs her own knowledge in multiple ways

The ‘ILLUME’ curriculum focuses on the milestones in the area of cognitive, linguistic, creative, social and physical development. The learning design leads a child to inquire and seek answers. Questions become the order of the day causing thinking and creativity to be the norms. A variety of experiential activities are planned for delivering themes based concepts. Curriculum provides numerous exposures to nurture sensory and gross motor skills, and also small muscle and large muscle activities for physical development of children. To cater to educational needs of children, the school has multiple teaching aids like interesting audio – visual aids, interactive white board, various toys and games for cognitive development and a series of teaching material for introducing concept that build strong recognition among children.

The integrated method is holistic, child centered with no compartmentalization of subjects. It seeks to give a complete experience to the child within the child’s range of experiences and understanding. This approach goes a long way towards shaping a whole some and healthy personality and prepares each child for primary school.

FREE PLAYA day at SCHOOL begins with Free play where the children are allowed to initiate and direct their own learning styles by choosing from a range of learning material and equipments displayed in the four corners of the class rooms.
ATTENDANCE AND ASSEMBLYThis is followed by Attendance and Assembly where the children learn to self-register through activities such as by printing their finger or sticking their picture next to their name. Children also discuss the previous day’s activities and teacher tells them about the day’s events.
CONCEPT TIME (NURSERY) / EVS (JR.KG & SR.KG) / GK(JR.KG & SR.KG)These involve activities based in the month’s theme and are planned to meet the unique learning styles of the children. The facilitator may sing a rhyme with actions, show charts / flash cards, play a game, take the children for a walk outdoors or do an art activity to introduce and reinforce concepts. The revision will also provide a range of pathways for the children to explore.
MUSIC AND MOVEMENT TIMEChildren get an opportunity to develop various musical skills such as rhyme, pitch, tone and rhythm. It also allows the children to express themselves freely through the medium of music and movement.
TUMMY TIMEGood eating habits and independent eating skills are encouraged.
LANGUAGE TIME & NUMBER SKILLSActivities are planned for the children to practice the 3Rs (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) and enhance learning
OUTDOOR PLAY / SAND PLAY / WATER PLAYChildren develop their gross and fine muscles as well as learn various social skills such as sharing, taking turns, etc through Outdoor play / Sand play / Water play / field Trips etc.


 MLZS Assessment Card is called Milestones

 ‘Milestones’ is an observation based evaluation system and does not require the children to go through tests and exams.

 Milestones allows for children to develop at their own pace. It is continuous and includes parental inputs and anecdotal evidence.

 Children are assessed individually and the assessment is inclusive of the learning experience and understanding.

Learning happens best when it is connected to the real world we live in.

The main objective at this stage is preparing the learner’s foundation and readying her to take on the responsibility of being an active participant in the learning process.

The Primary School Program focuses on the child’s potential both inside and outside the classroom and is delivered using the Litera Octave Approach.

At the second phase of schooling, as the I.Q. level of the child increases, the teaching-learning methodology takes a step ahead. Our purpose is to make these years as exciting as the previous years and at the same time fulfilling & productive too. The children are encouraged to participate in the broad spectrum of co-curricular activities. The evaluation procedure is named CCE i.e. Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation. Activities and projects are conducted from time to time. This makes the child constantly alert about his performance without any laxity.

Teachers create all learning experiences covering a range of learning needs. By the time children move from the Primary School Program to the Middle School Program, they will have ‘learnt to learn’.

At this age, children begin to connect themselves with the community in a larger sense. An integrated package of teaching, learning and assessment is delivered through the Litera Octave approach; the child is directed towards independent learning and is guided to take on more responsibility

The main objective of this stage is to help the children make experiences in life and the courses of the study.

The evaluation is done through CCE i.e. Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation. It consists of cycle tests, programmed curricular activities and projects to assess children holistically which are conducted time to time. This makes the child constantly alert about his performance without any laxity.

We aim to prepare our children to be healthy and active with a passion for developing their physical abilities and to achieve high standards and high levels of attainment in academics, and extra curricular activities.

We understand the importance of competitions for the children especially as they progress and develop through the school. For this reason, all the students are divided into four clubs and four houses and they are given opportunities to compete in Inter-house Competitions, in a wide variety of sports, debates, dances and music, art, dramatics etc. Every child has the opportunity to compete in Inter-house Competitions against other children in the school. It is important that as our children grow and develop into the future besides understand the important role that competitions have for them in developing and maintaining their health and well being.

The learner is equipped with ‘learning skills’ and is ready to move on to the Secondary School program.

Now, as a result of subject preferences and skills gained, future plans start taking shape.

During this stage, the main objective is to hone the knowledge and skills gained at the Middle school.

This phase of schooling aims at heading towards the growing impetus of every student. We lay stress on encouraging curiosity, stimulating intellect & rationalizing their thinking. The curriculum is so formulated as to prepare them to meet & accept the challenges of life. The expert faculty deals with the core academic subjects and provides the students with the latest & updated information.

Students at the stage are ready to make choices based on their liking, aptitude and skill.

The entry into the Higher Secondary Program is based on all these.

The objective in the Higher Secondary is to offer students the opportunity to tailor their studies to their individuals’ interests, abilities and future plans within the National Curriculum Framework. The Students are guided to choose subjects based on their interests and future plans, be it Commerce, Science or Arts, with the respective elective subjects of their stream.

By now the young adults are well aware of their own inclinations.

Students of Mount Litera choose colleges and subjects of their interest and complete their journey at the school.

At the end of 13 years at Mount Litera Zee School, a child emerges as well-equipped individuals with the requisite knowledge, life skills and values to lead in the 21st century.

After School Hours Program: This is a well-planned aimed at developing children’s multi-dimensional potentials in musical, linguistic, visual-spatial, kinaesthetic, intrapersonal and interpersonal domains.

Brain Cafe School Program: A special feature at all Mount Litera Zee School is the availability of the well known Brain Cafe School Program. Brain Cafe promotes activity-based learning in the fields of Science, Maths and Languages. These Programs are developed in partnership with leading education companies around the world and give an added edge to students.

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